Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get him to the greek (blu-ray)

This movie, staring Jonah Hill. You know the awesome fat basterd from superbad. Yeah. That movie in comparison to this is like black and white. I didn't know whether to laugh at hilarity or pity. Am I supposed to enjoy watching him puke? I don't know. Watched this with a friend of mine (not under the influence), and we can safely say this had to have been one of the worst movies I have ever watched; and that is a bold statement. I have watched shit, but this one is just horrible. I mean I wonder at times where the $40 mil budget went on this; obviously not into acting. All I can say is your better of watching Mortal Kombat and at least enjoy the cheesiness of it.

Enjoyability: 2
substance: 1
originality: 3
Humor: 2


  1. Man, I loved this movie. Not as funny as the first time that I saw superbad, though. Maybe I am just used to that type of humor now.

  2. Everyone said this was the next "Hangover"
    I respectfully disagree.

  3. i ve seen it and it s a must